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Bath powder moistened with tea and collagen



Contains organically grown tea from Nukumori-en Yururi in Ogawachi, Shizuoka City, and collagen. We hope the product will help women who are busy in their daily lives to moisturize both their skin and their souls. This is why we created this product.

Double Effect of Organic Tea and Collagen


Hypoallergenic Design


No synthetic preservatives, petroleum surfactants, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, silicone or other synthetic polymers, foaming agents, mineral oil, UV absorbers, or alcohol. * Not all people do not feel irritation. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

Natural color of tea itself

No synthetic colors or antioxidants are used, so the color will change over time. Please enjoy the natural tea color and scent of cypress essential oil.



Organic tea from Nukumori-en Yururi in Ogouchi, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is blended in.



SHIZUOKAMOISTURE BATH POWDER was inspired by the "tea bath" that Ms. Kyoko Nishiyama, the proprietress of Yururi, a guest house by a tea farmer in Shimizu, introduced us. We hope that the luxurious experience of soaking your whole body in tea, which is usually consumed for drinking, will make you think about Shizuoka, the place of tea growing in Japan.


\ Voices from our monitors/

Female in 40s (from Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture)

I love the scent of tea leaves and cypress essential oil. I enjoyed the scent while rubbing it out while bathing and felt the thickening moisture. A non-woven rub-out type bath salt, this is good!

40s female (from Nakano Ward, Tokyo)

I was surrounded by the fresh scent of plants and the nostalgic scent of cypress, as if I were in a forest. It was like I was on a trip. When I inhaled, my chest felt refreshed. I imagined it would be refreshing if I used it during the hot summer season.

Female in 40s (from Ota-ku, Tokyo)

The aroma of hinoki oil was rich and luxurious. I could see the finely crushed real tea leaves in it and could feel the tea well. The green color of the tea spread into the hot water with each rubbing, and I was filled with a sense of happiness (I am soaking in tea...). After about 20 minutes of rubbing, the water turned brown, which is the proof that real tea leaves are used. I felt that this was because no antioxidants or unnecessary coloring agents were used. I was also satisfied with the moisturizing effect as my skin felt smooth but not dry after the bath.

Female in 40s (from Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture)

I like how the color of the water in the bathtub becomes slightly green tea color and turns a little brown over time, just like real tea. The scent of cypress was very relaxing without being overly tea-like. Above all, the water seemed to be thickened and my skin felt moist and soft. Even after leaving the bath, I felt that my body did not get cold easily. I liked it very much.

Female in 40s (from Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

The natural color of the tea and the pleasant aroma of hinoki soothed and refreshed my soul and body. My husband loved it so much that he willingly put the non-woven pack in the bathtub himself. The feeling of the skin while bathing is like "melting" and it feels great. Since we cannot go to a hot spring due to the Corona disaster, we are very grateful to be able to enjoy the feeling of a hot spring at home.

Rub-out type non-woven fabric type


 How to use

Put one package of this product into a household bathtub (200 L) without tearing the bag.


Appealing features!

✓ Enhance thermal and cleansing effects of bathing
Moist after bath
Relaxing natural cypress fragrance



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Ingredient Labeling


Product name by type
Cosmetics for bath use
Product Name
30g x 5 pcs.
All Ingredient Labeling
( purpose of formulation )
Sodium carbonate(pH adjuster)
Sodium hydrogen carbonate(Skin protectant)
Sodium chloride(Hydrophilic thickener)
Cha leaf(Skin conditioning agent)
Sodium metasilicate(chelator)
Cypress oil(Fragrance)
Hydrolyzed collagen(Skin conditioning agent)
Ca chloride(Astringent, hydrophilic thickener)
Sodium hyaluronate(Skin conditioning agent)
Mg chloride(Hydrophilic thickener)
Country of origin Japan
Precautions for use and storage ●Do not use for any purpose other than bathing.●Do not use in combination with other bath salts.●Do not touch directly with wet hands or body.●Be careful as it can be slippery.● Can be used for washing hair and face, but rinse with clean water. ●Remove any noble metals.●When using a circulating bathtub (24-hour bath, reheating bath), consult the bathtub manufacturer in advance. When bathtub stains dissolve from the bathtub, etc., and the surface of the bathtub may become rough due to the stains, use bathtub detergent to remove the stains. If an enamel bathtub or well water is used, it may react with iron (rust) and darken the surface in rare cases. Apply a chlorine-based mildew remover to remove the stain.●For those with sensitive skin, rinse with clean water after bathing.< Consultation with a physician >●In case of accidental ingestion or accidental ingestion, drink water and seek medical consultation. In case of contact with eyes or skin irritation, such as redness, swelling, itching, etc., flush with clean water and consult a doctor. If you are exposed to direct sunlight after use and experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, seek medical consultation. In any case, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.< Precautions for use >●Promptly clean the bathtub of any stains.< Precautions for storage >●Avoid high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight, and keep out of the reach of children and people with dementia.●Do not use for watering plants and animals.●The product may harden in rare cases, but this does not affect the quality of the product.
Contact for inquiries Tel :050-3174-7848
 How to use Put one package of this product into a household bathtub (200 L) without tearing the bag. * Since the tea tends to harden easily, rub it well in the bath water and enjoy the color of the tea.

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